NSAID Alliance to launch interactive quiz for NSAID Awareness Week

August 24, 2015

Eugene, Ore. — So, what’s an NSAID?

The Alliance for Rational Use of NSAIDs, a public health coalition dedicated to the safe and appropriate use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), will test the public’s knowledge of these common pain relievers through an interactive quiz during the inaugural NSAID Awareness Week, August 24-28.

“Although NSAIDs are among the most widely available medications, we know that most patients and consumers don’t actually know what they are and/or how to use them appropriately,” said Jennifer Wagner, Executive Director of the Alliance. “When used as directed, NSAIDs are generally safe and effective for reducing pain and inflammation, but they are not without the risk of side effects, particularly when used inappropriately.”

The five-question quiz, which was created by Vox Public Relations Public Affairs partner Bloxi, will ask participants to answer various questions about NSAIDs and their appropriate uses. The quiz can be accessed throughout NSAID Awareness Week on the Alliance’s Facebook page or at the following web address:


“The purpose of NSAID Awareness Week is to promote the appropriate use of these drugs and impress upon the public that this is an urgent and underappreciated public health issue. Utilizing social media to spread the message is important, and we hope that the quiz serves as an engaging launch pad for that conversation,” said Wagner.

NSAID products are available by prescription and also over-the-counter (OTC) as ibuprofen, which is sold under the brand names Motrin® and Advil®, and as naproxen sodium (sometimes called naproxen) which is sold under the brand name Aleve®. Aspirin is also an NSAID. Anyone with a question about NSAIDs should ask their health care provider or pharmacist. The Alliance also urges patients to read medication labels to know what they are taking, follow directions for use, and use NSAIDs at the lowest effective dose for the shortest duration required.


ABOUT: The Alliance for Rational Use of NSAIDs is a public health coalition dedicated to the safe and appropriated use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).


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